We are Zinkup

We are experts
in the technology sector,

focused on helping growing companies, accelerators and startups stand out in the market.

Based in Donostia-San Sebastián and Madrid, we focus on helping companies, accelerators, and startups grow and stand out in the market.

We are your marketing partner, integrating ourselves as part of your team. With a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications for international technology companies, we understand the market needs and offer customized solutions for each client.

We do this through specialized skills that take marketing and communications to the next level.

At Zinkup we are proficient in artificial intelligence tools, copywriting techniques, graphic design and visual and engaging content creation. In addition, our expertise in data analysis helps us make informed decisions and optimize our strategies continuously. We also have the ability to generate content in native English, which allows us to reach global audiences effectively.

Who is behind
your success?

In Zinkup, we have a “dream team” of marketing and communications enthusiasts who enjoy developing their work in technology, cybersecurity, and startups. A team of 12 specialists is always ready to make your business grow and achieve your goals. Get to know us:

María Asín

Passion and dedication to entrepreneurship, startups, marketing and communication, new technologies, and, of course, time to enjoy with family and friends. Motto: Everything is possible, step by step, always going beyond and focusing on different points of view.

Elisa Morán

Asturian by birth and heart, Madrilenian by adoption. Always thinking about the next destination to travel to and the next meeting with friends to enjoy. Technological communication has been part of my DNA for more than two decades.

Beatriz Lancho

Always with a book in my hand to stay on the script of life. In my free time, I like to get lost in the Jewish Quarter of Córdoba. I have been specializing in corporate communications for more than 15 years and I am always looking for the best headline for a story. Shall we look for yours?

Lisi Martín

Passionate about the sea and good conversations after dinner. A professional journalist with more than 15 years of experience in corporate communications. A lover of this sector where every day is an adventure.

Maialen Zubillaga

Modern art and nature are my sources of inspiration, reflecting the yin in my life. But I am also fascinated by technology, representing the yang with my digital skills. Dedicated and proactive, I stand out for my commitment to helping clients achieve their goals.

Elena Fernández

If there is something I am more passionate about than reading, writing and pizza, it is my family. Professionally, I have been in corporate communications for more than 14 years and I still feel that adrenaline rush in front of a blank page and believe that empathy, proactivity and the desire to learn and improve leads the difference.

Casey Larae Shea

Originally from Southern California, I've been based in Spain since 2014. I juggle my passion for communications and technology marketing with my love of the outdoors. I was a professional photographer for many years and currently enjoy playing with my underwater camera and taking cold dips in the ocean.

Marta Gomez

Lover of cinema, literature, and music. My passion for good stories and content creation led me to the world of communications. Now I help companies tell their own stories and connect authentically with their audiences in the digital world. Are you ready to write the next chapter of your success?

Itziar Ferraut

From Hendaye, I love the sea and sailing. Always eager to explore new places with my Converse, yes you read that right, I'm a fan of Converse, especially when they are unique. Graphic designer with a solid foundation in communication. Always ready for new challenges!

Argia Hernández

Traveler, reader, lover of art, fashion, and culture... I will always be happy as long as I can read a book in a cozy cafe, walk on the beach in any season, or visit a new city with my friends. I love the world of marketing and communication and I am lucky to be able to make it my profession.

Where are we

We have teams in Madrid and San Sebastián. We work to ensure that our clients can reach anywhere in the world. Our experience covers different markets, including Europe, the United States, and Latin America, among others.

Ready to take your business

to the next level

If you know exactly what you need or if you prefer us to advise you on the most suitable actions and services, we are here to help you.

Share the details of your project with us and we will provide you with the necessary guidance to achieve your objectives effectively.