Zinkup Marketing Services

We advise and help you increase your positioning and success with the following services:

Value Proposition & Messaging

It is essential to present your company in an attractive & unique way.  Our objective is to identify the benefits you provide and how you differ from your competition. Our crafted messaging is applied to all communication channels to represent your brand consistently. Definition of key messages regarding how the company should express or communicate the product is essential for getting potential clients’ attention and helping them quickly understand the value of the company.

Inbound Marketing

We focus on generating useful and interesting content to draw potential clients to your products or services. Inbound Marketing starts with the definition of a methodology and content plan focused on generating qualified traffic and customers through different channels; such as blogs, social networks, and search engines. By creating content designed to address your potential customers interests, we help you attract qualified leads.

Inbound Marketing
Collaterals & presentaciones

Collaterals & Presentations

The creation of the necessary tools in the sales process is essential to facilitate the day-to-day management of the sales department. Collaterals are the main sales and exhibition materials in the market; an essential tool for the sales processes of the company.  The materials must be consistent and coherent with the previously defined messages and graphics. The purpose of these materials is to attract the audience in a unique way.

Content Marketing

Speaking the same language as our potential clients is key to engagement. The objective of a content marketing plan is to attract leads and convert them into customers by enriching their experience. To do so, at Zinkup Marketing we study the organizations and their interests. Then, we design plans for the creation and distribution of specific content aimed at the different market segments and maturity levels of the leads.

Content Marketing
Web, Social Media y SEO

Web, Social Media & SEO

The website and social media profiles are the main destinations for traffic and interaction with the target audience. They are the showcases of the company and should clearly show the value of the brand. Thus, we develop and design or redefine websites and social media profiles according to what was determined in the analysis of messages, branding, and SEO. Along with an SEO strategy and SEM campaigns, we will increase the company demand by directing qualified organic traffic to the website.

Communications & PR

Communications regarding product launches or promotions, positioning in the marketplace, training for spokesmen, the creation of specialized content, press conferences and the organization of events are part of a strategic communication and public relations consultancy. We offer definition, design, and implementation of a marketing plan aligned with the business strategy that focuses on the positioning and demand of the product in the market.

Campañas de generación de demanda

Demand Generation Campaigns

Design of a marketing and communications plan adapted to the objectives of the company in order to best position it and generate demand in the target market. The main objective of demand generation campaigns is to increase the visibility of your company to generate new leads. We develop activities like webinars, reports, ebooks, etc. based on valuable content that generate interest, traction and demand.  We provide different communication strategies to the target audience, through different channels and means, to maximize the response.

Branding & Corporate Identity

Identification of the personality and values of the company and product or service in order to present it to the target audience through a unique design and brand. Identify what makes the company stand out from the crowd, their history, values, goals, work philosophy, etc. Our goal is to create a graphic design and a corporate or product identity that increases and maximizes the value of the business.

Consultoría de Marketing y formación

Marketing Consultancy & Training

Marketing and communication advice throughout the project.  With this personalized service, Zinkup Marketing acts as a reinforcement for the company. We offer advice that will glean better results out of every communication. Applying good marketing and communication practices on a daily basis, from every employee, improves the reputation of the company and increases its visibility.

Marketing Automation

& Lead Nurturing

Implementation of marketing procedures and tools with the aim of creating a work methodology, optimizing resources and maximizing communication benefits. Marketing automation shortens sales cycles, increases revenue and guarantees a higher marketing ROI. Platform integrations help manage and automate the process of converting leads into buyers -lead nurturing and lead scoring. Establishing a relationship with potential clients to help them move forward through an acquisition process is key to closing successful deals.