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Our B2B marketing services include a wide range of activities to achieve

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Marketing as-a-service

A monthly fee model that allows us to support you in planning, executing and advising you on marketing and communication issues according to your needs.

Marketing department outsourcing

We become an extension of your company. We work as your internal team.

Special projects

Temporary service to develop specific projects or campaigns.

Inbound Marketing y Generación de Leads

Want to get new customers? We create and execute strategies to increase the number of opportunities. We convert visitors into qualified leads with a personalized and effective approach.

Lead Nurturing y Automatización

We guide your prospects through their buying journey. We help you establish ongoing, personalized communications that support your prospects' needs at every stage of the buying process.

Content Marketing

We create relevant and valuable content to strengthen your market presence and enrich customers' experience. From planning to distribution, we ensure that your content effectively reaches your target audience.

Communications and Public Relations

We help you project your desired image and positioning in the marketplace through communications and public relations strategies. From launching new products and services to communicating milestones.

Branding and Corporate Identity

We help you define and communicate your unique value proposition, ensuring that every aspect of your brand reflects your identity and values.

Value Proposition & Messaging

We work with you to identify your competitive advantages and communicate effectively to your audience. We develop compelling messages that highlight your strengths and unique differentiators.

Web Design & SEO Positioning

We design and optimize websites to ensure maximum visibility, effective online presence, and high search engine performance.

Social Media Management

We help you harness the power of social media. We create relevant content to drive engagement and community growth.

PPC Campaigns

Need to increase visibility and interest in your products or services? We create and optimize highly segmented and personalized campaigns to effectively and profitably achieve your business goals.

Influencer Marketing

We carefully identify influencers who align with your brand's values and goals, execute effective campaigns, and measure results to maximize impact.

Marketing Consulting and Training

It's normal not to have everything under control. That's why at Zinkup, we provide you with the knowledge of a multidisciplinary team and the guidance you need. From evaluating your marketing strategy to training your team.

Acceleration and Entrepreneurship Program Services

We connect you with the most innovative emerging companies. Whether you're looking for technology partners, disruptive solutions, or new market opportunities, our team of experts can help you with the scouting.

Leadership Positioning

Want to stand out as a leader and expert in your field? We develop branding and public relations strategies to enhance your visibility, and market reputation and establish you as an industry reference.

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